Privacy Policy Updated May 2018 cares about your privacy. As a result, we have created a privacy policy that defines how we collect, use, disclose, transmit and store your information. Take a few moments to get to know our privacy practices and, if you have any questions, please contact us at undertakes to protect the privacy of all its clients / visitors. This privacy policy explains how information is used and stored. adheres to all laws and complies with all legal acts related to the processing and use of personal data. Personal data provided by the client are considered confidential.

A customer / visitor using the services provided by this website agrees to the processing, use and / or transfer of his data in accordance with the privacy policy established by If you do not agree with these privacy terms, please do not use this website and / or its services.

1.1. By registering on this site and / or using the services offered by it, you will be asked to provide information about yourself (name, email, and / or telephone number – mandatory, other fields are optional (unless required by the service provider) ) This personal information will be safely managed and used to keep operations up to date.

1.2. The client / visitor, without providing his / her information, can not continue to register the service and the client / visitor will be deemed not to be registered on the site and / or to the service provider.

1.3. Additional information we provide voluntarily to us (for example, opinion on services, our website, etc.), we will provide In addition, with the consent of the client / visitor, we will send sms and / or email announcements about the ongoing campaign, visit time, newsletters and so on.

2.1. In order to use or to have access to all services available on the site, the client / visitor must register, i.e. submit the personal data requested in the registration form (full name, email address and / or telephone number).

2.2. In order to use or to have access to all services available on the site, a registered client / visitor must enter an email address and password to access the site.

2.3. Customer / visitor data will not only allow you to connect to and register for the service, but will also give us the opportunity to send your order confirmations, will allow you to contact the customer / visitor if you need it when ordering services. Personal data will be used for administration, service processing, statistics and / or analysis purposes.

2.4. reserves the right to use personal data provided by the client / visitor:
– Contact the customer / visitor (by e-mail) and ask for opinion on the site and / or quality of service, etc .;
– Contact (by phone, sms, e-mail) and offer new services, promotions, discounts, etc., which can be interesting for the client / visitor;
– Share with third parties (carefully selected) so that they can contact the customer / visitor (by phone, sms, e-mail) to change the visit time and / or offer their services, promotions, discounts, etc. that may be available to the client / visitor interesting

2.5. The Customer / visitor is always left with the right to disagree with the use of his / her personal data as described in 2.4 and / or can withdraw his / her consent at any time. This can be done by contacting (contact details are indicated on the homepage).
2.6. Self-contained customer / visitor feedback, feedback and / or other information about this site, tested on our partner services, etc. can be used (in the context of services), by promoting or partner services. Only the client / visitor name will be displayed.
2.7. If the client / visitor is no longer interested in receiving our newsletters, promotional messages, you may click on the link entitled “unsubscribe”, which is included in all emails sent by, and the subscription will be canceled.

3.1. Personal data provided by the client / visitor will be stored on servers. Access to customer / visitor personal data will be provided only by responsible PayPalBank employees who will be obliged to ensure data security, will monitor that personal data will be used, without violating the legal acts regulating the protection of personal data and complying with this Privacy Policy.

3.2. Personal data provided by the client / visitor may be shared with third parties, which will also act in compliance with the privacy policy of and will not violate the laws regulating the protection of personal data.

3.3. reserves the right to share client / visitor personal data with third parties for security and fraud prevention purposes.

4.1. Cookies are small text files that can be crawled by a domain web server that records cookies on the client / visitor hard disk. cookies are used to save user settings and settings, help connect and maintain server connectivity and similarity of resources so that the website can be used more efficiently and faster. Most web browsers automatically accept cookies, but usually the client / visitor can change the browser’s cookie locking setting. However, if the client / visitor chooses to block cookies, then you may no longer be able to log in or fully use services that depend on cookies, and some of the cookie-based ad settings may not be taken into account. In addition, if the loop / visitor decides to delete cookies, all settings and settings (including promotional preferences) that these cookies control will be removed and may need to be restored. does not use cookies or web indicators for targeted advertising, does not share them with third parties.

4.2. The Client / Visitor Browser provides information about the IP address and what language was visited on the site. An IP address is a series of numbers during a computer browsing session when the client / visitor accesses the Internet. The IP address is automatically stored on the servers and used to collect customer / visitor data that is available at This data is used for statistical analysis, which shows the client / visitor “behavior” on the site. does not use an IP address to identify the client / visitor.

4.3. used cookies are session cookies unless the client / visitor has refused to use cookies or restricted the use of cookies as mentioned in 4.1

5.1. takes all measures to protect the client / visitor’s personal data from unauthorized access, from unauthorized data processing, accidental loss, destruction and damage.

5.2. The client / visitor choosing his password, which gives access to this site, is himself responsible for the confidentiality of this password. advises not to reveal this word to anyone and to change it regularly.

5.3. Unfortunately, there is always a certain risk of personal data being transmitted over the Internet. Although will take all measures to protect the customer / visitor’s personal data, they can not guarantee their full security; data transfer is the risk of the client / visitor himself. will benefit from strict procedures and safeguards to prevent unauthorized access.

5.4. Customer / visitor may no longer use and partner services, at any time removing itself from the user’s account. This can be done on the Pasispirkska page. will process this statement and delete the client / visitor personal data as soon as possible within 2 months at the latest. This privacy policy will be valid for the client / visitor until it is completely removed from the system.

6.1. The client / visitor has the right to access the registered data about himself (“request for access”). Customer / visitor can ask to provide information about themselves, just contact (contact details on the home page). In case of acceptance of the request and access to the document, reserves the right to charge a fee of up to EUR 15 to cover the costs incurred due to the detailed information about the registered customer / visitor data on our site.

6.2. You can always check and, if necessary, make any changes to make sure that the customer / visitor’s personal information is completely accurate and up-to-date. This can be done on the Pasispirkska page.

7.1. reserves the right to change the Privacy Policy. Any changes to the Privacy Policy will be published on this site and, if necessary, by e-mail. We recommend that you review the privacy policy from time to time to see if there are any changes that may be made.

8.1. All comments, questions, complaints and / or requests related to the use of the client / visitor data and the rules of this Privacy Policy are welcome and should be sent by e-mail to